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Thursday, August 25

Writing Wednesday(a day late, sorry!)

Today, on Thursday, is Writing Wednesday! Sorry this is a day late, I can't really tell what the days are when I'm not in school. Speaking of school, I'm going back to school in 11 days, so I won't be reading or vlogging or blogging as much as I want. OH, btw, I'm trying to reach 100 subscribers by October, so.....Help me?

Title: Rewritten by Alex


What if all of your favorite characters from your favorite fairy tales, had children? Four best friends. All cursed. A destiny forced upon generations, until one of them gets it right. Ella, Whit, Belly, and Rory are the bestest friends you can get. They've known eachother since they were born. All of them know what's coming when they are sixteen. The curse. Living out a fairytale's destiny, until someone gets it right. All of their ancestor's had to do it, now they will. None of them are willing to admit it, but they are secretly excited. Who doesn't want to live a princess's tale? But, some of those tales, don't have a happy ending. That is why the descendants of Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Aurora are supposed to rewrite that destiny. So far, no one has done it. These four besties are determined to do it though.
I hope you guys read it and like it!

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