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Saturday, August 20

Dr.A discusses: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I promised you a disscussion, and you'll get one.

Setting: The setting is in Paris, France. The city of love, of lights, of AWESOMENESS! I could tell just from the setting that it was going to be good. It was mostly set in the city of Paris, in a school for Americans. There were some scenes when they were either in America or in the city. Overall, I loved the setting.
Characters: I loved all of them. I mostly loved St. Clair. Rashmi, Josh, Mer, Anna, little Seany :D. They all have a speacil place in my heart. Not Bridgette and Toph, but you have to read the book to get why I said that.
The twists: The twists definitly kept me going all through the night. I can't say the twists, it will spoil you. But, I will just say this: Poor St. Clair :'(
The Friendships: I adored every single friendship in here. St. Clair and Josh, they had a typical bromance. Rashmi and Mer, two hurt girls that bond after losing there best friend. Anna and St. Clair.....need I say more?
The Romance <3: I loved the romance. St. Clair and Ellie, I thought they were adorable, up until page 100 or so. Josh and Rashmi, loved them. They were hilarious together. St. Clair and Anna........don't want to spoil it for you!!!

Well, that's it for Dr.A discusses #1! I hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for next week!

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