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Monday, August 15

The Chosen (Boian Instiute for the Unwanteds #1)

The link is one of the two stories I'm writing. This one is about vampirs. I'll put a description down below.

16 year old Lorin Nelson was an abused child. Her mother was murdered when she was two, and her father was framed for it.Now, he's on the run.  Her older brother disappeared out of no where. She is left to fend for herself and her younger brother, Nate. Lorin was left on her abusive uncle's estate. She left her uncle's estate to escape the abuse he put her through. She meets this man, Derek. He helps her in ways you wouldn't even imagine. He takes her to this school he works at and Lorin learns more about herself. In the mean time, she has to keep a deadly secret that, not only kill her and Derek, but everyone she has ever loved.
The other one I'm working on is The Awakening. I'll do a seperate blog post on it later today or tomorrow. In the mean time, stay awesome and check out The Chosen.

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