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Monday, August 15

The Awakening

This is The Awakening. I'm currently working on the eighth chapter right now. It's going along slow because I don't know, at the moment, where I want this story to go. I'm writing these stories for fun though. I don't want to publish anything, not anytime soon. At least until I finish school. Here's the summary for The Awakening.

Alex's life changed the second she started having those dreams. She knows she should have told someone, but who was going to believe her? One night at a club, she meets gorgeous Camren. He was a mystery the moment she meet him. He presses on the fact that he just wants to be friends. Alex feels anything but friendly feelings toward him. While she may be falling in love with Camren, she receives death threats and other things that torment her. Mysterious people in her mirrors, strange phone calls, a man taking her to Hell in her dreams. They get worse with every threat. They all come from one man. Can she figure out who wants to kill her before he does it? Can she figure out the mystery of Camren?

I know it sounds stupid. Really, there is very little romance. At least I hope I can put little romance in there. If your wondering why the main character has my name, I'll give you a hint.

Hint #1: The meaning of the name Alexandra is "protecter of mankind".

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